#NOTD / #ManiMonday: Julep’s Beverly & Oxygen Base Coat

Note: This post does contain referral links – but you get your first box free, and I get points for referring you! I also pay for all of these nail polishes – I don’t get free samples for reviews. So don’t worry – all of my reviews are 100% filled with my honest opinion – good & bad.

I suck at blogging. Especially during crazy work weeks and holiday weekends… which is probably why I shop so much. I’ll write blog post drafts, and then forget to update them (or finish them) so they’re scheduled but still saved as an unfinished draft. This post was supposed to go up last Monday at 4PM… but I forgot about it. Then I would work on it some more and be determined to post them later that day… and then get distracted or some other event will happen. So if anybody has any tips on how to consistently blog and not forget/procrastinate/fall asleep writing because I’m exhausted, I’d love to learn.

Anyway… I’ve recently become a Julep Maven. This means that I’ve joined another subscription service (this time for nail polish) and I get a lovely box of nail polish every month. I originally joined because I needed a reason to not to pick at my nails every day, and what better way to do that than by doing some nail art? I also find that giving myself a manicure is a great stress reliever – maybe I’m just weird.

I had actually never heard of Julep nail polish before, but when I found about their maven program (I think through a television ad?) and knew that I had to try it. Apparently I had a “bombshell” personality – and my first box contained the oxygen base coat and the colors Beverly & Sera. I like that they name every polish after someone – I can’t wait to buy the Michelle polish. But I do think it’s weird to not have a fun name like OPI or Essie does – that’s part of the fun of buying nail polish. I also like that Julep has various types of nail polishes with various finishes, like crème, glitter, metallic/chrome, neon, sheer/frost/pearl, shimmer, silk/satin & some special effect polishes. Continue reading

Obsessed: Fabletics (Review 09: Gulf)

Note: This post contains referral links. Think of it this way: you get your first outfit for $25 (or 50% off), and I get the points for referring you. It’s a win-win situation! I also was not paid to write this blog post – and I paid for my outfits with my own money… Thank goodness I exercise often – I have an outfit for every workout and I don’t have to repeat any for at least two weeks. (Disclaimer: I may have a shopping problem.)

Look – I’m actually reviewing an August outfit in August! (I know – shocker.) I ended up buying three Fabletics outfits in August because I loved the lava print and all the outfits were just so cute! The first outfit I needed was Gulf – which included the Alberta Top, the Sevan Sports Bra & the Run Rio Capri in the blue lava print. I ended up switching out the Cobalt Sevan Sports Bra for the Citron because I have so many blue sports bras, and I thought the Citron would let me add some green to my activewear collection. I also ended up switching out the grey Alberta Top for the black because the black looks dressy enough for work (and I do wear it with a skirt to the office sometimes). Plus, I just don’t like wearing grey tops.

Black Alberta Top, Citron Sevan Sports Bra & Run Rio Capri in the Blue Lava Print.

Black Alberta Top, Citron Sevan Sports Bra & Blue Lava Print Run Rio Capri

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August 2014 Workout Playlist

Note: You will need Spotify to listen to this playlist. Or you can just go on YouTube and look for all these songs and make your own video playlist.

Like I stated yesterday, I started taking barre classes this month at Pure Barre, and I’m quite obsessed with it – it’s hard work, but if you go often enough, you start seeing results quite quickly (I know I did). But I’m also really enjoying the barre class playlists – it’s mostly remixed music, but the song changes are coordinated perfectly to when we change exercises. I also like that they end up using soothing music for when we stretch, slower music for ab exercises, and super energizing music for the warm up and the harder sets. So I decided to make a playlist inspired by the Pure Barre playlists… but I’ve organized mine in alphabetical order because I need my playlists organized alphabetically somehow (and then played randomly).

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Barre vs. Yoga

Everybody knows that I love yoga. I’m a yoga fanatic. I go to my local studio at least three times a week – and if I have time, I’ll do two classes in a day. I attempt to do yoga challenges, and I’ll incorporate a yoga move in my everyday movement (if I drop something, I go into three legged dog to pick it up. Or I’ll squat down to pick it up.) In the beginning, I saw my body change dramatically – I was feeling stronger, calmer, and more flexible. I was also rapidly losing weight (but that may have been more due to the fact that I was actually exercising for once). I was also improving quite quickly… and I still am improving – just a bit slower than before.

However, I’ve now been practicing for a year and a half, and I’ve started feeling like I need to do another activity to supplement my yoga practice. I started walking everywhere – but I live in NYC, where we walk everywhere anyway. Yoga’s great for keeping me flexible and calm, but I wanted something that would help me be able to do more inversions and help me work on my core – something that would help me strengthen my abs and my arms, besides going into boat pose and doing a bunch of crunches once in a while (normally in Pepper’s classes). Continue reading

Obsessed: Fabletics (Review 08: Sicily)

Note: This post contains referral links. Think of it this way: you get your first outfit for $25 (or 50% off), and I get the points for referring you. It’s a win-win situation! I also was not paid to write this blog post – and I paid for my outfits with my own money… So I guess it’s time to start finding ways to mix in my activewear with my work clothes…

Two Fabletics reviews in one weekend?! I just figured that I should review an August outfit IN August, and not save them for next month. (That will be posted next weekend!) But to round out my July purchases, the last outfit I got in July was Sicily – and that was because I didn’t want the Miri Tank in the high intensity print, and I wanted to get it before it sold out. The Sicily outfit consisted of the black Miri Tank, the purple Sevan Sports Bra, and the black Gaviota Capri. I was on the fence about buying this outfit (seriously, how comfortable could mesh inserts in a workout capri be?!), but I’m quite obsessed with this outfit now.

Black Miri Tank, Purple Sevan Sports Bra & Black Gaviota Capri

Black Miri Tank, Purple Sevan Sports Bra & Black Gaviota Capri

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