Currently (Re)Reading: Beautiful Disaster (Disaster 01)

So…. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for “Beautiful Disaster” on Goodreads. There are a ton of people who love it – but probably just as many that highly dislike (if not absolutely hate) it.

I actually really enjoyed this book – even though it was about a pretty obvious dysfunctional relationship. Maybe it’s because I’m still a naïve, hopeless romantic teenager at heart – and there are so many relationship cliches in this book. There’s the “I’m useless and worthless without you” all-encompassing passionate type of love between the two main characters. The male protagonist is also a bad boy who the female protagonist essentially tames. The male protagonist even makes a Meredith Grey “Choose Me”-esque speech. Spoiler: His speech actually worked.

Image credit: Goodreads

To summarize “Beautiful Disaster” in one sentence: Abby Abernathy went to Eastern University to start fresh and leave her family and infamous past behind her, and does a pretty good job until she meets Eastern’s resident alpha male bad boy, Travis Maddox – someone she should but can’t quite seem to avoid.

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Now Playing: Jessie Ware – Tough Love

November has always been my “chill out” month. November means that NYFW craziness has finally relatively died down, that Thanksgiving (and a well-deserved break) is finally coming up, and that I have essentially a month to kind of relax before the holiday craze is upon me. So I’ve decided to just listen to a lot of songs that make me feel relaxed, or just in a zen-ish mood. So when I heard about Jessie Ware, I knew her album would end up being on repeat for a while. And it was – for about a week? Maybe two. I’m still playing it on repeat now, but it’s currently on a playlist that also has James Bay & George Ezra.

I don’t even know how I found out about Jessie Ware – probably through Instagram or BBC Radio 1 – but I’m glad I heard about her, and that she’s basically blowing up stateside. (Side note – we’re really having another musical British Invasion this year, aren’t we? I’m quite happy about this.) She’s just an amazing talent – and I swear, she can sing anything and it’ll sound good. She could probably sing a business law textbook and make it a number one hit. Tough Love is actually her second album – something that I didn’t realize until I saw that I had a song from her first album on my iTunes already. Apparently, Wildest Moments was an iTunes Single of the week in April 2013 – and I had purchased it and forgot about it, like I do with many free iTunes purchases. (You can imagine how badly I’m kicking myself over this.)

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Currently Reading: Through the Zombie Glass (The White Rabbit Chronicles 02)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review…. actually, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to read books. So when I finally decided to take a super long weekend in Houston (which is far enough from NYC so I wouldn’t even be tempted to do any work, being the workaholic that I am), I downloaded a bunch of ebooks and told myself that I’d read them. I didn’t end up finishing all of the books I downloaded – but my little vacation reignited my love for books, so now I’m just lacking in sleep. But that’s okay – sleep is for the weak! (Not really – I just get sucked into a book and before I know it, it’s 4am and I’m still awake. Whoops.)

ANYWAY, two of those books I downloaded were the last two books in “The White Rabbit Chronicles,” and I was really excited to read them since I loved “Alice in Zombieland.” I didn’t actually read these in Houston, but I ended up reading them when I got home… the night before I had to go back to work. The series is just so good! I also have a weird habit of needing to read books that are part of a series in order – so I started rereading “Alice in Zombieland” on the flight home. Then, I started reading “Through the Zombie Glass” – only to have my flight land before I could finish! So of course I finished that when I got home. But when I finished it, I immediately started reading “The Queen of Zombie Hearts” - and when I was finished that, it was 4am. the series is totally worth losing some sleep over – it’s really well written and very enjoyable.

So now… on to the review!

Image credit: goodreads

To summarize the book in one sentence: After everything that happened in “Alice in Zombieland,” Ali Bell thinks she’s finally in a semi-good place – she and her grandmother have a safe place to live and she’s in a stable relationship with her ultra bad boy zombie slayer boyfriend Cole Holland … but then Cole starts avoiding her, ends up breaking up with her over visions she has with a new slayer named Gavin, although he still obviously has feelings for her, and starts hanging out with his newcomer ex-girlfriend; then she and her grandmother get kicked out of their new home, AND she has some type of evil zombie alter ego inside her that she has to battle. So, obviously there are some fun times ahead for Ali Bell. Continue reading

Obsessed: Fabletics (Review 15: Authority)

Note: This post contains referral links. Think of it this way: you get your first outfit for $25 (or 50% off), and I get the points for referring you. It’s a win-win situation! I also was not paid to write this blog post – and I paid for my outfits with my own money. New clothes = total motivation to exercise and show off my new outfits.

It’s November…. and I’m finally reviewing the one outfit I bought from the October 2014 collection. I wasn’t actually the biggest fan of the Fractal print, so I ended up buying Authority, which I think was part of the Fabletics “Essentials” lookbook. Authority consists of the Vaasa Sports Bra, Switch Back Tee & Lima Capri – all things I have and love already… so I just got them in new colors.

Black Switch Back Tee, Cranberry Vaasa Sports Bra, Black & Cobalt Lima Capri

Black Switch Back Tee, Cranberry Vaasa Sports Bra, Black & Cobalt Lima Capri

I’ve said how much I love the Switch Back tee in a couple of my Fabletics posts now – and I’m so happy I finally got the black one. I think I may get the cranberry one next….

I also actually got the black Vaasa Sports Bra originally with this outfit, but then I realized I already had a black one…. so I exchanged it for the cranberry colored one. Cranberry is actually a bit darker than it looks on the website – but I actually like the bra better a shade darker. I might even get the cranberry stripe salar legging now… (it was a bit too bright for my tastes on the website).

The Lima Capri was amazing as always – and I like the cobalt blue seams because they add a pop of color in what would usually be an all black outfit.

I can’t wait to wear this to my next yoga class… which will probably be tomorrow. But I will probably wear a tank under my switch back tee – it’s just too flowy for a vinyasa style yoga class for my tastes. I’ll definitely wear my black switch back tee out in “real life” (not just my workout life) too – it’s just so comfortable and cute! As always, if you’re interested in trying Fabletics out, please use my referral link. You’ll get your first outfit for 50% off, and I get the points for referring you. It’s a win-win situation so thank you, and let me know what you get & how you like it!

Currently (Re)Watching: Rudy

I’m pretty sure all of my guy friends’ favorite movie of all time is Rudy… but surprisingly, I hadn’t seen it until quite recently. Not surprisingly, it’s become one of my favorite movies – mainly because I can always count on this movie to put me in a better mood. Plus, it’s one of the greatest sports movies of all time, so everybody really should watch it at least once in their lives. Preferably once a year month. It’s also referenced somewhat often in pop culture – like in that first season of The Newsroom (which I really have to catch up on).

Rudy is basically a biographical movie about Notre Dame football player Rudy Ruettiger, and how he got to play at Notre Dame. If you don’t know who that is, then the movie is a feel-good movie about a boy who’s had quite a few hardships in his life, and has always dreamed of being a Notre Dame football player… but really isn’t built for the sport. (He’s a bit too small to be a typical football player.) The thing is – Rudy’s a great guy. He’s sweet and full of heart – and you really can’t help but like him. Since it’s (now) a relatively old movie, you can see a young Sean Astin, Charles S. Dutton, Jon Favreau and even a glimpse of a young Vince Vaughn.

It’s a really great movie – even my girlfriends who know nothing about sports (and normally highly dislike sport movies) really enjoyed it. You don’t even need to know anything about football to understand the movie – I don’t really understand football (despite my friends’ numerous attempts to explain the game), and I still love this movie.

Rudy is currently on Netflix so you can stream it whenever – but chances are your best guy friend will have a DVD somewhere. So go find it and WATCH IT. It may not change your life, but it will change your mood – and you’ll probably be a bit teary-eyed in the end.