Now Playing: Holiday Song #19: Leona Lewis – One More Sleep

Today’s song is Leona Lewis’ “One More Sleep,” mainly because this song also popped up on my iTunes and I have no idea as to how it got there. This happens quite often to me – I buy or borrow friends’ CDs and burn the music into my iTunes… and then forget that I have the song until it pops up while I have my music on shuffle! It’s like finding a nice little surprise or hidden treasure in my closet (which also tends to happen often)… only on iTunes. Anyway, happy December! (ONLY SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!)

Now Playing: Holiday Song #18: 98° – This Gift

I stated earlier that I was a huge boy band fan when I was growing up… but what 90’s girl wasn’t a huge boy band fan? Although everybody else’s favorite bands were *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys, I was weird and LOVED 98°. So, since I was a “true” fan girl, I totally got their Christmas/Holiday album the minute it came out in 1999. (Wow I feel old.) So… happy Throwback Thursday! And happy December! (ONLY A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

And no, I did not get their “2.0” album last year. That was just… I have no words for it.

Now Playing: Holiday Song #17: A Fine Frenzy – Winter White

So I fell asleep while writing this post… which is why it’s a day late. Whoops. Anyway, my holiday song of the day for yesterday (12/17) was A Fine Frenzy’s Winter White. I’m not quite sure how I got this song… or when I got it… but it popped up on my iTunes a few days ago and I loved it. So… yeah it’s been on repeat for a little while. It’s just so good!

Now Playing: Holiday Song #16.2: Adam Sandler – The Chanukah Song

So it’s also the first night of Chanukah, or Hanukkah, or however you prefer to spell it (I always have so much trouble spelling this holiday!) – and while I don’t celebrate it, a lot of my friends do. (By the way guys – I really want some latkes. So feel free to send some my way, thank you.) Anyway, is there really a better way to celebrate than with a little bit of Adam Sandler? Just add some latkes and a lovely glass of wine, and you honestly have my idea of a great night.

Happy first night of Hanukkah everybody!

Now Playing: Holiday Song #16: Colbie Caillat – Christmas in the Sand

So while I love being in cold weather having snow during the holidays (thus creating a lovely winter wonderland), I totally envy people who spend the holidays in warm climates. But I do love this Colbie Caillat song about Christmas in the Sand. The lyrics are just so whimsical and the song never fails to make me smile.

Also, wearing mini skirts without tights in the winter would be awesome. Tights and I don’t always get along – I always manage to get runs in all of mine by the end of the season.