Obsessed: Fabletics (Review #2: Vaasa Tank, Sports Bra & Moro Short)

Note: This post contains referral links. Think of it this way: you get your first outfit for $25 (or a little more for a 3-piece outfit), and I get the points for referring you. It’s a win-win situation! I also was not paid to write this blog post – and I paid for my outfits with my own money. Which is probably why my wallet’s looking a little thin…

I’m actually obsessed with workout clothes – so much that I’m trying to figure out a good way to wear them to the office. So far, I’ve managed to make it work with the Kumo Tank – but not so much for my other clothes. Yet. ANYWAY, during my first and second month, I decided to purchase some items from Fabletics that weren’t part of an outfit… mainly because the outfit they were a part of had pieces that were sold out in my size. So between the extra items I bought in the first and second month, I ended up with a brand new outfit! I got the Vaasa Tank in purple, the Vaasa Sports Bra in grey, and the Moro Short in black. Continue reading

Currently Eating: Ice Cream (Part Two)

July is national ice cream month, which means that you should eat as much ice cream as you can this month, and then go on a diet and only eat frozen yogurt the other eleven months of the year. (Alternatively, you can eat as much ice cream as you want all the time, but then you’d have to exercise it off. And ice cream has a surprising amount of calories.) I did a blog post last year about some of my favorite ice cream spots, and I’ve decided to share some more of my favorite haunts this year – thus the “part two” in the title. Plus, you should always treat yourself with something sweet (or sweet and savory) at least once a day. It’s good for your soul. Continue reading

Three things I ALWAYS have in my bag… besides the essentials.

My friends tell me that I have a Mary Poppins bag… and I guess I kind of do. I like always being prepared – you never know if you’ll need something! What if my interview gets rescheduled and I have five minutes to prepare instead of five hours? What if my heels break because I tripped on the street? What if it’s freezing in the office? What if I spill something on my outfit? (Note: if I could fit my entire closet in my bag, I would. I’m also the queen of overthinking & what ifs.)

Even though I tend to try and fit everything but the kitchen sink into my bag (no matter the size), there are three [technically non-essential] things I never leave my apartment without – no matter what time, season or day it is. (Non-essential as in not my: keys, cell phone, charger, wallet, IDs, contacts & glasses, mints, tissues, sewing kit, mirror, deodorant, brush/comb, umbrella, eyeliner, exercise clothes, and feminine products. I always have these things in my bag.) Continue reading

Obsessed: Fabletics (Review #1: Bold)

Note: For those who just want to read my review on my Fabletics outfit, push CTRL+F (or Command+F on Macs) and search for Fabletics, or scroll down to the “Continue Reading”. I tend to give a lot of background information (and maybe ramble a bit) in my blog posts. I also was not paid to write this blog post – and I paid for my outfits with my own money. Which is probably why my wallet’s looking a little thin…

When I started working in the fashion industry last year, I was pushing 200 lbs. (I know – my friends refuse to believe me, but it’s true. Wearing black didn’t help – I just ended up looking like a giant blob.) I wasn’t in shape, I didn’t really like exercising, and my job required me to work with super gorgeous, super skinny (and yet super kind) PR girls. Oh, and I had to run up and down stairs, carrying garment bags and shopping bags full of samples. (So I guess I did get some exercise.) After my first day on the job, I knew I had to slim down and get fit – but the last time I was a healthy weight and fit was in high school – five years ago. Thank goodness my friend had introduced me to yoga… (and thank you to my neighborhood studio, for offering an Amazon Local deal at the time).

I promise I’m pushing 200 in this picture. I just know how to dress to semi-hide it. Sometimes.

Fast forward to today – I have a year-long membership at my local yoga studio and I manage to make it to at least three classes a week, I weigh (on average) a healthy 150 lbs, and I’m thinking about trying other fitness classes. (Has anybody ever done barre and knows a good studio in NYC?) However, taking three classes a week means that my yoga clothes also get a pretty good workout. I don’t have too many exercise clothes - I used to just use old t-shirts and shorts that were lying around my room. The big tees got old after a while - it gets really annoying when my tees would flip over my head in downward dog, making it difficult for me to breathe. And my regular t-shirts just wouldn’t stretch the way I needed them to - which resulted in restrictive movement (not good for my practice) or ripped t-shirts (not good for my clothes).

Thus began my search for affordable but cute workout gear. (I wholeheartedly believe that you always need to look presentable, even when working out. You never know who you’ll meet!) Paragon’s Warehouse Sale was a great resource, but it’s still pretty expensive, and the sale can get as crazy as the Barneys’ Warehouse sale. Plus, everything was final sale – and you weren’t allowed to try on the tops, only the bottoms. And, it only comes around once a year. Lululemon, while cute, was way out of my price range. I really can’t justify spending $42 on short shorts, no matter how cute and great they are. (I only found out about lulu because of all the news coverage on their sheer leggings. Not the best sign.) Athleta also had super cute clothes – but they were still outside my budget. (I have bills to pay! PR assistants don’t exactly make a lot of money.) While I found some fantastic things on the clearance rack at Sports Authority, they were only super cheap because the branch by my office was closing. That week. Plus, I don’t exactly have time to trek to another Sports Authority and dig through the clearance racks for cute exercise clothing in my size.

I really thought that I’d have to wear the same yoga clothes and outfits over and over – and I did, for a year. I suffered through loose shirts that I had to keep tugging down, leggings that kept riding up, and clothes that became sheer because I kept washing them. I suffered through having the cute guy in class seeing me sweaty in my brother’s old clothes… the ones that didn’t flatter my body at all. But then I found out about Fabletics(Cue to the angels singing ahhhhh.) Continue reading

I know how to save money. Kinda.

I’m an awful blogger. I know. I’ll start a post, and then get super busy (or get some serious writer’s block, and end up not posting for six months)… and forget about the fact that I have a blog. Or a Yelp account. Or a goodreads account. (Yes, my list of “to-read” books has grown astronomically. And the pile of books on my bedstand has become more of a tower.)

But, I am a relatively good saver. Kinda. As long as I don’t end up:

  1. Going on a major shopping spree. Or many minor ones.
  2. Splurging on things I know I can’t afford. (*coughBirkincough*)
  3. Eating out 90% of the time. And drinking. A lot.

Alas, I am a shopaholic… and an enabler. (I think working in the fashion industry makes that a given?) I can’t resist a good sale (this weekend was really hard) – and I’ll say yes as long as it looks good. My friends don’t like shopping with me anymore because they tend to spend more money shopping with me than without me. So they’re always surprised when I manage to save more money than them at the end of the month. (Note: we all still live with our parents, but I’m the only one paying rent to live at home.) And yet, they never listen to the advice I give them. Maybe it’s time to stop giving them advice… Continue reading