Three More Things I’ve Learned from Working NYFW

Although I learned some things months ago at my first fashion show, there’s always more to learn. The second one I was a part of wasn’t as hectic as the first (or at least, it didn’t feel as hectic), but it was just as exciting and gorgeous and exhausting somehow.

Here are my top three lessons learned this time around: Continue reading

Now Playing: The Vamps

Everybody knows that I’m a total anglophile – but I’m an absolute sucker for British boy bands. I’ve been obsessed with McFly since I was 13; I absolutely LOVE Lawson; I do actually own all of One Direction’s albums; I cried when JLS broke up earlier this year, and please don’t get me started on Take That (A Million Love Songs is the most romantic love song of all time). But there’s a new boy band on the scene, and they’re absolutely adorable! I’ve been introducing their music to my friends and calling them the mini-McFly (their “That Girl” video totally proves it), and their music is seriously catchy. The band’s called The Vamps, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be around for a while – especially since they’ve been supporting acts for major artists in the UK – like McFly, Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift.

They’re releasing an album later this year, but they’ve already released two official singles – Can We Dance? and Wild Heart. They’ve also done a ton of covers, and many of them are really good – one of my favorites is their BBC Radio 1 Online Lounge cover of the Arctic Monkey’s Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High.

They’ve also done a duet version of Wild Heart with Pixie Lott – and I’m quite liking that version as well. I’m guessing they’ll be quite popular with tweens – they’re kind of like the more innocent version of One Direction. But I really like their music – super catchy with a good beat. It’s music that’ll make you happy – or at the very least get you pumped to go out or go to the gym. (Side note: My pregame and workout playlists are almost identical, the workout playlist just has some extra cool-down music.) I’m looking forward to their upcoming debut album – and wondering if it’s going to be filled with a bunch of super catchy pop songs, or if they’ll include some ballads as well. Also looking forward to how they mature with their music – will they take the 1D route and make more personal songs but keep the same overall feel/genre, or the McFly route and change their sound with every album.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m expecting The Vamps to stay in the music scene for quite a while.

Currently Watching: Enlisted

I’m a huge comedy fan. While I tend to binge-watch dramas during the weekends (when I have time to sit and actually pay attention to the show), I’ve made it a habit to watch a comedy while I eat dinner after work. It’s a nice way to unwind and relax after a long (and usually busy) day at the office. Plus, I get to laugh – and what’s a better cure for stress & exhaustion than laughter & smiles?

FOX has been pretty successful with its comedies lately – the network gave audiences New Girl, The Mindy Project, Raising Hope, Brooklyn Nine-Nine… and now, Enlisted. If you haven’t heard about this show yet, you’re missing out.

This show is seriously funny – I was in stitches during the first episode, and have almost choked on my dinner every episode since. While the supporting cast is absolutely ace (seriously, the writers and casting directors for this show were on point!), I absolutely love the relationship between Pete, Derrick & Randy (the three brothers). Sure, they kind of play on the stereotypes, but it totally works here. The eldest brother (Pete), who was forever the golden child, suddenly falls from grace and returns home; the middle brother (Derrick), can now finally be the mischief maker (or peacemaker) again; the youngest brother (Randy), tends to cling on to his older brothers and is also the most vulnerable/emotional out of the three.

What I like most about Enlisted is that it’s a work comedy set in a unique work environment – the United States Army. What happens when you put three brothers in the same office, with the eldest (who hasn’t been seen in years) in charge? Does the answer change when the office is the “Rear D” unit of the Army? I’m also a huge fan of the actors in the show. I’ve loved Geoff Stults since his days as Ben Kinkirk in 7th Heaven. And as much as I hated Piz in Veronica Mars (I’m a huge Logan fan), I thought Chris Lowell was pretty fantastic in Private Practice. But the real winner/breakout star is Parker Young, who plays Randy in the show. He’s just absolutely perfect as the youngest brother – vulnerable, full of feelings, clingy… and totally lovable. I just want to give him a huge hug every time he’s on screen, especially during that Toy Story 3 scene in the third episode. Overall, it’s just a hilarious and heartwarming (I know, really cliche but true!) comedy.

So thank you FOX for giving me something to watch right as I come home on Friday nights (and refuse to go out because I’m a total homebody who’d rather cuddle in some blankets than go out and socialize).

Inspirational: the #aerieREAL campaign

I’ve always been a huge aerie fan. I got my first bra (when I finally went through puberty) from aerie, and I’ve stuck with the brand ever since. Aerie lingerie is really high quality (it’s lasted longer than a few of the Victoria’s Secret bras I’ve gotten), affordable, and ridiculously cute. In fact, I’m falling more in love with this brand because of its #aerieREAL campaign. In case you haven’t heard about this yet, check it out below:

This campaign is so inspirational – and an absolute game-changer for the fashion world. Why? Because it’s a major company (aerie is an American Eagle Outfitters sister store), deciding to not use uber-famous supermodels AND Photoshop in any of their future campaigns, pictures in advertisements and on their website. A company in the fashion industry not using Photoshop is a huge deal, but the fact that it’s aerie, a lingerie brand, making this move makes this huge. Continue reading

Now Playing: Ella Eyre

I’m currently obsessing over Ella Eyre, a ridiculously talented 19-year-old British singer & songwriter with fantastic hair. She should be a relatively familiar name – she’s been a featured artists on various tracks and singles from Bastille, Rudimental, Naughty Boy and Tinie Tempah. She was the runner up for both the BRIT Critics’ Choice Award & the BBC’s Sound of 2014… so basically she’s someone that you should watch for. And after hearing her first single, you’ll totally understand why.

I first heard about Ella Eyre by listening to BBC Radio 1 – they had played her new single, All About You, which made me go, “Who is this girl and why is she not on my iPod yet?” I love that she can sing ANYTHING – Deeper is one of those fun songs that you just want to dance to, and All About You is totally the perfect revenge-break up song. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ms. Ella Eyre will bring to the airwaves this year – and everyone else should too.