Obsessed: Fabletics (Review 19: Kings Canyon)

Note: This post contains referral links. Think of it this way: you get your first outfit for $25 (or 50% off), and I get the points for referring you. It’s a win-win situation! I also was not paid to write this blog post  and I paid for my outfits with my own money. Now I just need to start wearing them appropriately to work, instead of just being too lazy to change after a morning workout…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Fabletics review. It’s not that I don’t buy anything (because I do — my activewear drawer can attest to that), it’s that I haven’t had time to review… or to wear everything I buy. I may have a slight shopping problem. I mean, I had to make a spreadsheet for my Fabletics purchases — but that was more for me to stay organized… (or at least, that’s what I tell myself.)

Anyways, the “Kings Canyon” outfit was the first outfit I bought in 2015. I didn’t like any of the December or January offerings, and while I had ordered a few February outfits, Fabletics somehow messed up my order by never processing it. So I just ended up buying some March outfits, and added some extra pieces that I wanted from the February offerings.

The “Kings Canyon” outfit consisted of the Aruba Wrap Top II in Seafoam, the Sevan Sports Bra II in Black and the Camacan Capri in Black/Black Tie Dye. One thing I love about Fabletics is the fact that you can customize your outfit by changing the sizes and the colors. Since I already had a black Sevan Sports Bra II, I decided to get a Turquoise colored one with this outfit.

The Kings Canyon Outfit as seen on the website + how I customized my order.

The Kings Canyon Outfit as seen on the website + how I customized my order.

One thing I don’t like about Fabletics is the fact that the monthly outfits sell out quickly and don’t restock. Since I bought this outfit back in March, it’s not longer available on the website — so if you want this outfit, you’ll have to see if the pieces are available in your size and then order them separately.

Anyway, the pictures on the website are pretty true to what you get in the mail. The only difference (for me) was that the turquoise bra was actually quite bright. I mean, I expected bright but this was like a neon turquoise bright. But anybody that knows me knows that I love a great bright sports bra with a fun back — and that’s what I get with this sports bra (and with most of Fabletics’ sports bras).

Aruba Wrap Top II in Seafoam, Sevan Sports Bra II in Turq, Camacan Capri in Black/Black Tie Dye

Aruba Wrap Top II in Seafoam, Sevan Sports Bra II in Turq, Camacan Capri in Black/Black Tie Dye


Music Monday 07.06.15

I completely fail at blogging every day, and I will forever admire people who balance a 9-to-5 job yet still manage to blog every day/regularly. I do want to try reading every day again – but we’ll see how that goes (since I was planning on starting that June 1st…)

Anyway, I’ve realized that I listen to way too much music to only have one playlist that I make at the end of the month – I always have such trouble choosing only 15-17 songs at the end of each month to share. So I’ve decided to make bimonthly playlists – to share at the beginning and middle of each month. There’s just so much great music that I want to share with my friends and anybody else who reads this blog (which, let’s be honest, is probably nobody) – and now that Beats 1 is (finally) out, I’ll probably be listening to more new artists and music than ever before.

So, I guess here’s my first playlist of the month:


Now Playing: The Wombats – Glitterbug

HAPPY JUNE! I’ve had writers’ block and ended up being incredibly busy the last two months, thus ignoring this blog – but I’m determined to blog once a day this month… and this hopefully won’t end like my monthly yoga challenges, where I’m great until halfway through the challenge when life gets in the way and I end up not continuing nor finishing…

Anyway, I’m slightly obsessed with The Wombats at the moment. I was introduced to the band through BBC Radio 1 (because that’s really all I listen to anymore), and I’m actually quite disappointed that I hadn’t heard of them until now. The band has recently released their third album (Glitterbug), and it’s kind of seriously awesome. I had the album on repeat for a good two weeks – I’m pretty sure anybody that came to my desk during those two weeks can tell you.

But if you haven’t heard of The Wombats and their awesomeness yet, just check out their Live Lounge cover of “I Really Like You.” It’s pretty fun.


Playlist: March 2015 Favorites

So it’s almost the end of March… even if it doesn’t quite feel like Spring just yet. But seriously – where how are these days flying by? It’s like the days are slow, but the months and years are way too fast.

Anyway, March definitely felt a lot busier than my calendar marked it being – it’s so funny how time works. This month’s playlist is filled new music from some of my favorite artists… Mostly British artists. I’m not sure why I’m listening to more British artists than American – maybe it’s because of all the Radio 1 I’ve been listening to. I should start listening to American radio again… (Hopefully the new iTunes Radio, headed by the awesome Zane Lowe, will be my new go-to.)


Now Playing: James Bay – Chaos and the Calm

James Bay, one of my favorite new artists, has finally released his first album, Chaos and the Calm. I say finally because I feel like I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years. In reality, I think it’s only been since last year – but it’s felt like a year. I have all his EPs, so I’ve been really looking forward to listening to the final version of his EP songs and to some new music from him. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed… no matter what some critics have been saying. (I mean, he won the Critic’s Choice BRIT award for a reason people. Stop hating.)

Anyway, if you somehow still haven’t heard of James Bay (he’s really been blowing up lately, especially post-album release & SXSW), then you’ve obviously haven’t been reading my blog. Anyway, here’s one of my favorite James Bay songs (and it seems like everybody else’s favorite song too).