Playlist: March 2015 Favorites

So it’s almost the end of March… even if it doesn’t quite feel like Spring just yet. But seriously – where how are these days flying by? It’s like the days are slow, but the months and years are way too fast.

Anyway, March definitely felt a lot busier than my calendar marked it being – it’s so funny how time works. This month’s playlist is filled new music from some of my favorite artists… Mostly British artists. I’m not sure why I’m listening to more British artists than American – maybe it’s because of all the Radio 1 I’ve been listening to. I should start listening to American radio again… (Hopefully the new iTunes Radio, headed by the awesome Zane Lowe, will be my new go-to.)


Now Playing: James Bay – Chaos and the Calm

James Bay, one of my favorite new artists, has finally released his first album, Chaos and the Calm. I say finally because I feel like I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years. In reality, I think it’s only been since last year – but it’s felt like a year. I have all his EPs, so I’ve been really looking forward to listening to the final version of his EP songs and to some new music from him. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed… no matter what some critics have been saying. (I mean, he won the Critic’s Choice BRIT award for a reason people. Stop hating.)

Anyway, if you somehow still haven’t heard of James Bay (he’s really been blowing up lately, especially post-album release & SXSW), then you’ve obviously haven’t been reading my blog. Anyway, here’s one of my favorite James Bay songs (and it seems like everybody else’s favorite song too).


Crushing On: Krysta Rodriguez

I’ve been a big fan of Krysta Rodriguez since The Addams’ Family. She was a pretty perfect Wednesday Addams, especially when she was paired with Wes Taylor. They were magical on (and off) stage together… and pretty hilarious.

But then I saw her in First Date. And she was AMAZING. Like, I wanted to be her. She was just so cool and nonchalant… and the show was really entertaining. I mean, she’s even in character and super awesome in the recording booth. Where nobody will see her. (Let’s ignore the fact that this was recorded so people could see it.)


Now Playing: Circa Waves

One of my favorite bands, Circa Waves, is finally releasing their debut album (titled Young Chasers) later this month and I’m so excited I’m bouncing as I type this. I’ve put their songs in quite a few of my monthly playlists, but the debut album means two things for me:

  1. New music and song from one of my new favorite bands

Because I actually am that much of a nerd. And I will bob my head or dance in my seat in public places… or as I walk home.

And now I’m going to dance in my room to my new happy song – T-Shirt Weather. Since it will totally be t-shirt weather soon. I totally recommend you guys listen this song and dance along too.

PS – if you’re in the USA, the band’s EP, “T-Shirt Weather,” is available on iTunes – so go get it & support them.

Currently Watching: The Last Five Years

If you know me, then you know I’m slightly obsessed with the theatre, and I love going to musicals. There’s something about musicals that just make me happy – even if it’s a relatively sad musical like “Into the Woods” or “Les Misérables.” Sure, I’ll sob nonstop while watching it, but I’ll love watching every minute.

One of my favorite musicals of all time is actually a bittersweet musical that was just recently released as a movie – “The Last Five Years.” I’ve been ridiculously excited about this since I heard about the movie back in 2013, especially since the film stars both Jeremy Jordan (who I’ve had a major crush on since Newsies) and Anna Kendrick (who everybody has a crush on). Plus, the movie managed to fit in a bunch of “Last Five Years” alumni cameos. (Betsy Wolfe, who played Cathy in the 2013 revival, was the stripper roommate. Sherie Rene Scott was one of the judges at Cathy’s good audition. Jason Robert Brown was the pianist that hated Cathy at that one audition. And fun fact – Ashley Spencer, who’s actually Jordan’s wife, was the secretary in the bra.)

Anyway, if you’ve never heard of this musical or even of the movie version, here’s the trailer: