Currently Sipping: Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company’s Lychee Green

I occasionally find myself exploring the West Village. It’s one of the parts of the city that I’m still not very familiar with, even though I’ve lived here my entire life. So one day, after meeting a friend for ice cream, I stumbled across the Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company. The minute I saw tea, I knew I was going into the store – never mind the fact that I had just bought some new tea at the neighboring DAVIDsTEA earlier that same day.

The Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company is absolutely adorable, and heaven for those who love spices and tea. It wasn’t very busy, so I got to sniff a few teas and ended up buying a few. One of my favorites from the ones I bought was the Lychee Green tea – a combination of two things from my childhood.

I knew I was going to bring this tea home the minute I smelled it in the store – the lychee scent is so strong and sweet, yet the underlying grassy green tea prevents the tea from smelling cloyingly sweet.


New Music Friday 01.13.17

The xx dropped their new album, the Chainsmokers dropped their newest single, Khalid dropped a new song, and Sampha released another tune from his [very long awaited] debut album. I discovered a few artists and the “Fifty Shades Darker” soundtrack released a new track. (While I may not like the “Fifty Shades” series, the soundtracks are always amazing.) It’s been a good New Music Friday.

Currently Reading: Scrappy Little Nobody

Scrappy Little Nobody
Author: Anna Kendrick
First Published: November 15, 2016
Publisher: Touchstone
Pages: 271 (Hardcover)
Rating: 4.5/5

I’ve always believed that Anna Kendrick was awesome. Reading her memoir just enforced that belief – and now I just want to be her best friend. Especially since she mentioned the now defunct store “Yellow Rat Bastard.” I was [embarassingly] obsessed with that store for the longest time growing up.

“Scrappy Little Nobody” is basically a hilarious anthology of moments from Kendrick’s journey to stardom. There are stories about being a Broadway kid, the movies she did before breaking into stardom in “Up in the Air,” and what it was like being in the “Twilight” films. She also shares her experience being a celebrity, and how it’s affected her life. (more…)

An Intro to My Fitness Journey

So, my fitness journey has always felt more like a tumble into wonderland, mainly because fitness has never been a huge part of my life. I was always one of those girls who complained about being fat in high school, but was never active and always relied on changing my diet. I was always the manager of a sports team – never a competitor. In college, I would barely go to the gym – instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman fifteen,” I gained sixty pounds. By the time I graduated, I was about 200 pounds, totally overweight, and completely in denial about being overweight. I had always hated exercise, so even trying to go to the gym was a struggle.

I had always hated exercise, so even trying to go to the gym was a struggle. My lack of self-confidence didn’t help – especially at the gym, where I would be surrounded by these tiny girls exercising in their tiny sports bras. I didn’t want people looking at me, the fat girl who was attempting to work out.

It wasn’t until months after college that I even started my fitness journey. My friend was doing her yoga teacher training and needed guinea pigs as students – so I became her first student. Then, there was a deal on Groupon for classes at my local yoga studio (Stanton Street Yoga) – so I took both events as a sign that I should start doing yoga. I fell in love with yoga – I became a calmer person, and I started losing weight. I had a semi-regular practice and could finally touch my toes again – I had become happier and I thought I was totally fit again.

Proper day one of #moveyoasana (downward dog split)

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Currently Reading: Can I See You Again?

Can I See You Again?
Author: Allison Morgan
First Published: August 9, 2016
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Pages: 384 (Paperback)
Rating: 3.5/5

It’s no secret that I like reading women’s literature (also known as “chick lit”). They’re just so much fun to read – they’re romantic comedies in book form! So when “Can I See You Again?” was recommended by Goodreads, I went and read it. After all, Goodreads hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

“Can I See You Again’s” protagonist is matchmaker Bree Caxton. She has it all in the beginning – a long-term boyfriend who’s about to propose, a matchmaking business with a 98% success rate, and a book about love that’s bound to debut on the New York Times Bestsellers list. But when her boyfriend ends up dumping her, she has to scramble to find a new one, since nobody would buy a book about love from a matchmaker who had just been dumped. So Bree convinces her one matchmaking failure – Nixon Voss – to be her fake boyfriend until her book release. All is going well until her ex-boyfriend wants her back and a newspaper finds a source that could expose her rocky love life – forcing Bree between a rock and a hard place. (more…)