Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Pumpkin Chai

As I've stated before, I have a soft spot for pumpkin spiced chai. (TBH, I have a soft spot for all chai blends, especially around this time of year, so feel free to recommend your favorites!) Anyway, when I realized that I still hadn't tried DAVIDsTEA's Pumpkin Chai after being a customer for three years, I decided to immediately remedy the situation. Of course, being me, I went a bit overboard and got two ounces of the tea instead of a sachet... but let's not talk about that.

Currently Reading: What We Were Promised

I've probably said this a million times at this point, but I'm half Shanghainese, half Cantonese – and therefore, I get rather excited whenever I hear about a book set in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Plus, I'm going to visit the two countries in November, and it's always nice to read about a city before traveling (even if I've been before). I find it rather rare to find a book set in either location (so if anybody has any recommendations, let your girl know in the comments), so when I heard about "What We Were Promised," the book automatically went to the top of my TBR. I got even more excited when I heard that the characters were actually Shanghainese – according to my mum, it's rather rare to find a born and raised Shanghainese person now, so it was nice reading random Shanghainese phrases. Anyway, it's always nice to read an "own voices" book – and it's especially lovely when it's a personally relatable book!

WWW Wednesday 10.10.18

WWW Wednesday 04, the tl;dr version: Read ONE book because I didn't have my planned giant reading marathon. For some reason, I was even more busy stranded in suburbia than I am at home in the city. Honestly, how is that even possible? Also, will I EVER follow my TBR list in order? (And will my TBR list ever decrease?!)

Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Chai Matcha

I love autumn. It's my absolute favorite season (even if I'm a summer baby). I also absolutely love chai and matcha, so when DAVIDsTEA came out with a chai matcha, I knew I was going to try it! Thus, after spin class but before dinner, I dragged a friend to the nearest DAVIDsTEA store and bought a bag. (I mean, I also bought some other things, but that's a different story.)

Currently Reading: We’re Going to Need More Wine

I've been a Gabrielle Union fan since forever – honestly, it seems like forever! I loved her in "She's All That," which is honestly still one of my favorite movies ever (it's my go-to cheer up movie), and I absolutely LOVED her in "Bring It On," because, I mean, who didn't? Plus, "Love & Basketball?" EPIC. AND she was in "The West Wing" (which I recently found out as I had never seen the show before last year), AND "Deliver Us from Eva," which was another movie I absolutely loved growing up. I mean, who DOESN'T like Gabrielle Union? So when I saw her incredible Trevor Noah interview about her memoir, I immediately went and got her book from Apple Books (since e-books are lighter and delivered faster)... then devoured the majority of it in one sitting. Also, who wouldn't buy a book titled "We're Going to Need More Wine?" I mean, I feel like that's my life's motto I was most definitely going to buy Gabrielle Union's memoir. (Side note: does it count if I read the first chapter on the bus, then finished the rest of the book when I had the time a few days later?)