Currently Reading: Nerve

I’ll admit it – I love movie trailers. So when I found out that the movie “Nerve” was based on a book, I knew I was going to read the book. No lie, the book is really boring compared to the trailer, and actually a bit annoying (which is also why it took me so long to read). Plus, nothing in the trailer actually happens in the book, so that was a bummer. It’s a shame because the premise of the book was really good and interesting. I’m really hoping the movie is better than the book in this particular case.

To summarize the book in one sentence: When Vee decides to take part in NERVE, the online dare game, she becomes an official “player” and gets paired up with hot & mysterious Ian… only to find that as the game goes on, the dares get more and more dangerous, and she’s not sure if she can, or even wants, to continue playing.


New Music Saturdays 07.30.16

So the last two weeks I’ve been distracted by the RNC & DNC. I swear I’ll read more books soon. But there were some really fun song releases yesterday, and I’m so excited that I have to share my favorites!


New Music Saturdays 07.23.16

It’s hard for me to finish books when it’s this nice out. Since most of my books are ebooks, I tend to read them before bed or when I’m commuting somewhere. But since I’ve been out exercising and walking and just enjoying the weather, I haven’t really finished any books lately. But I’ve been listening to a lot of great music! This Friday had some great releases – and the HONNE album is FINALLY out!


New Music Saturdays – 07.16.16

So my inner 13-year-old screamed when I found out Britney released new music… on my birthday weekend. Literally my teenage self’s dream come true. My inner teenager also freaked out when I found out Gavin DeGraw released new music… and then to find out Ryan Gosling’s tune from his new movie was out? Swoon.

So basically, it was a good start to my birthday weekend.


Currently Reading: The Distance Between Us

So I wanted to read something cute in between my re-reads of books 1-3 of “The White Rabbit Chronicles” (in preparation to read book 4), and goodreads had “The Distance Between Us” in my recommendations. I was really excited to read it, especially since it has a 3.95 rating on goodreads, but I somehow took forever to read this. That wasn’t due to fact that I was busy either – I just couldn’t get myself to pick the book up and read it.

To summarize this book in one sentence: Seventeen-year-old Caymen Meyers has always been distrustful toward the rich because of her mother’s bias, but meeting handsome, charming and super-rich Xander Spence has her changing her mind, one day at a time.