2017 – The Year I Get My Sh*t Together

2016 is almost over… and no lie – I’m so ready for this new year. 2016 was a crazy rollercoaster for me personally and professionally, and I’m ready for a fresh start (and I think the rest of the world is ready too). So step one in my fresh start: new 2017 resolutions!

Since I’m ready for a fresh start in the new year, I thought it’d be a good idea to restart this blog. The previous version of this blog was filled with my random ramblings and sporadic writings. I’d write, then forget to write for months at a time, and then come back in time for the holidays. This year, I’m determined to actually continually write – after all, I’ve missed writing!

I’m also determined to read more in 2017. Every year, my goal on goodreads is to read 100 books… and each year I don’t get past 15 (if I’m lucky). I’m determined to actually reach 100 books this year, and to actually review all of them here as well! (The two that I’m reviewing here but read in 2016 don’t count.) I already have 60 ebooks on my iPhone so that should keep me occupied for a little while…

2017 is also the year I will make a dent in my tea collection! If you know me, then you know that I have this massive collection of tea that seems to be never-ending – probably because I keep buying (and being gifted) more tea! I swear I don’t have a tea problem… can you even have a tea problem? Is that even a thing? I don’t think so. There’s no such thing as too much tea!

Oh, and I want to learn how to drive. This shall be the year it FINALLY happens. (I’ve been saying this for the past 6 years.)

I also really want to work on my abs… and to drag more of my friends to my exercise classes.