Boxing Day Musings

I’m not sure if it’s the post-Christmas blues, but this was possibly the quietest Christmas I’ve ever had – and I’m pretty sure my uncle is the loudest human on earth.

When I was younger, Christmas and Thanksgiving were my favorite holidays because my entire family would gather in someone’s house (usually my cousin’s) and we’d all sit, watch television (or go on the computer) and veg out for hours. Some time during the day, we’d all go out to the park and go on the swings, or go bowling, or go catch a movie. I always looked forward to bowling or the movie since it was fun to just hang out with my cousins and be silly without the grownups.

Once my cousins started moving away, I feel like we’ve stopped making the holidays a big deal. In fact, the only holidays that are huge in my family nowadays are Chinese New Year and my cousin’s babies’ birthdays… and even then it’s hard to get everybody in my family in one place at the same time. I’ve arrived at a quite a few celebrations only to find out that my cousins had already made a stop and left.

Anyway, this was the first Christmas where I was the only one from my generation with the family. My brother didn’t even make it out – I guess he didn’t want to brave the traffic or something. I saw two of my cousins the day before Christmas Eve for dinner, and I got to see my cousin and his family on Christmas Eve for a hot second, but it’s just not the same. It was just really weird being the only one at the kid table this year.

Again, maybe this is just my post-Christmas blues talking, but I miss the magic of Christmases past. I miss actually seeing my whole family and our annual cousin Christmas pictures and just catching up with everybody in one place. Maybe things will be different when I have my own family or am in a serious relationship, but for now… Christmas is a pretty quiet affair in my household. (I mean, I haven’t even opened my gifts yet.)

But I bet it was rather lovely for my mum to be able to hang out with some of her family this weekend… even if it was a bit louder than usual.