Currently Sipping: DAVIDsTEA’s Mulled Wine

I grew up drinking a lot of traditional Chinese tea – oolongs, pu’ers, green and black teas. I’ve always loved oolong tea and I absolutely LOVE mulled wine, so I thought I would love this tea when I bought it last year. I loved the way the dry blend smelled in the store – it smelled like Christmas in London, where mulled wine was everywhere, so I got two ounces of it.

Mulled Wine Pouch
I love the way DAVIDsTEA packages their loose teas when you buy them in the store – they’re in foil zip-lock bags lined with plastic on the inside, so the tea can stay fresh for a while. I know a lot of people say to buy tins or jars to store your tea in, but I’m lazy so I keep them their original bags and make sure they’re sealed airtight. I also store all of my teas in this little chest I keep under my desk, so they’re kept away from light, odors and excess air and moisture. So even though my stash of “Mulled Wine” is over a year old, it still smells exactly like when I bought it.

Loose Mulled Wine

Pre-Brewing Thoughts

  • Mmmm… smells like Christmas – all the spices and orange… so good.
  • It even looks like the stuff I need to make mulled wine!
  • Perfect tea to drink while I’m out here in suburbia and freezing.

Brewed Mulled Wine

Tasting Notes

  • TYPE: Oolong tea | Flavored
  • DIRECTIONS: 1.25 tsp tea per eight ounces of water | Steep for 4-7 minutes in 185ºF water
    • I used about 1.5 tsp tea for about 12 ounces of water, and steeped it for about 5 minutes in 190º water. I also added a bit of honey because I wanted my tea a little sweeter (after trying a sip).
  • BLEND: Oolong tea, apple, orange peel, cinnamon, clove buds, ginger, natural flavoring
  • SCENT: Smelled like cloves and spice, and everything nice, even when brewed. Exactly what Christmas ought to smell like.
  • BREW: My first steep was a dark gold, but my resteep was a lighter gold.
  • TASTE: The first sip tasted like a floral oolong with some cinnamon and spice, but once I added a touch of honey I could taste the orange peel. Didn’t taste as much as mulled wine as I hoped it would.
  • RATING: 3/5. Not my favorite tea of all time, but I don’t hate it. It’s quite lovely with a touch of honey and definitely gives me that cozy warmth that I associate with winter. But I’m guessing it wasn’t very popular last year as it hasn’t returned with this year’s collection. Aiming to finish my stash this week!