Currently Reading: Can I See You Again?

Can I See You Again?
Author: Allison Morgan
First Published: August 9, 2016
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Pages: 384 (Paperback)
Rating: 3.5/5

It’s no secret that I like reading women’s literature (also known as “chick lit”). They’re just so much fun to read – they’re romantic comedies in book form! So when “Can I See You Again?” was recommended by Goodreads, I went and read it. After all, Goodreads hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

“Can I See You Again’s” protagonist is matchmaker Bree Caxton. She has it all in the beginning – a long-term boyfriend who’s about to propose, a matchmaking business with a 98% success rate, and a book about love that’s bound to debut on the New York Times Bestsellers list. But when her boyfriend ends up dumping her, she has to scramble to find a new one, since nobody would buy a book about love from a matchmaker who had just been dumped. So Bree convinces her one matchmaking failure – Nixon Voss – to be her fake boyfriend until her book release. All is going well until her ex-boyfriend wants her back and a newspaper finds a source that could expose her rocky love life – forcing Bree between a rock and a hard place.

Overall, I liked “Can I See You Again?.” It was a really cute book – a bit slow in the beginning, but really cute. I actually rather liked Bree, even if I disagreed with a few of her decisions. She’s a successful entrepreneur who’s essentially launching her brand so I don’t blame her for making a rash decision like finding a fake boyfriend. Every action she takes is understandable until her ex-boyfriend comes crawling back – I’ll admit, I totally skimmed through those pages because the whole situation was just so cringeworthy. I also didn’t love the whole plotline involving her grandmother losing her house. I feel like it was necessary because that was essentially why Bree had become so desperate, but everything just seemed so unneccesarily dramatic. Then again, it’s a chick lit book so I guess drama was needed.

I also really liked Bree and Nixon as a couple. Sure, they were a fake couple but they had some really obvious chemistry. Even though she’s a matchmaker, Bree was really ignorant of her own feelings. Sure, feelings make her a human being, but I really didn’t understand why she felt conflicted between her ex-boyfriend who ran away when things got serious, and swoony Nixon. In my opinion, there wasn’t even a competition – Nixon was totally an upgrade.

To be honest, the other characters were pretty forgettable. I wish we learned more about Andrew, Bree’s assistant and best friend, but he’s barely in the storyline. Bree’s backstory also felt like unnecessary drama – her love life was dramatic enough. But overall, the book was pretty enjoyable and a relatively quick read, once I got through the slow beginning and skimmed through the cringeworthy bits. I really dislike reading cringey bits – which is why I literally skim through them. (I’m also the type of person that will cover my eyes or fast forward during a cringey moment in a television show or a movie.)

TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY: I’d borrow it from the library – the cringey bits were a little much for my taste.

EXTRAS: I loved this quote from the book – it’s a good rule for life.

“Who needs ’em? I always say, if plan A fails, you have twenty-five letters left.”