Currently Sipping: DAVIDsTEA’s Elderflower Spritz

It’s almost the end of Chinese New Year, which means a totally clean slate for this blog. Or at least, a new set of resolutions. Or just one – to actually stick to a posting schedule. And to post according to that schedule – no matter how late in the day it is. Which is what this post is!

Anyway, at the end of a long day, I love relaxing in my room with a cozy cup of tea and a good book (or Netflix, both work). I love writing this blog because it forces me to finally go through my tea stash – I have so many teas that I had forgotten about all of them… and then I buy new ones! So tonight, when I was rummaging through my tea cabinet, I found an old, still-unopened bag of Elderflower Spritz from DAVIDsTEA’s Spring 2015 collection. But I didn’t just find one…. I found quite a few. I won’t even post a picture of how many I found because it’s slightly embarrassing how many bags of this tea I bought WITHOUT TASTING IT EVER. Yep, that’s right – I’m trying it for the first time tonight.


I’m normally not a huge fan of white teas because they’re a bit too light for me, but I love a good floral tea at night. I also love any drink with elderflower in it, so I’m hoping I’m a huge fan of this tea. Especially with all the bags I found….


Pre-Brewing Thoughts

  • Oh, this smells lovely! Totally like spring!
  • Wow, there are a lot of leaves in this tea. Like… a lot.
  • This would be really good infused with vodka. Like elderflower vodka to make a spring cocktail… Oh, it’s already been suggested by the company.
  • Well, if I end up not liking it at least I can use it as potpourri. It smells so good.. and it’s quite pretty with the peony petals.


Tasting Notes

  • TYPE: White tea | Flavored
  • DIRECTIONS: 1 1/4 tsp per 8 ounces of water | Steep 4-7 minutes in 194ºF water
    • I used 3 teaspoons for my 16-ounce mug, steeped for 2 minutes at 195ºF
  • BLEND: White tea, green tea, elderberries, elderflowers, peony petals, artificial elderflower flavoring
  • SCENT: Light and sweet berry scent, with underlying florals
  • BREW: Light yellow.
  • TASTE: Sweet from the elderberries and quite floral. Lovely aftertaste – very calming tea.
  • RATING: 4.5/5 – I’m so happy I stocked up on this tea when I was in my crazy tea buying stage. Can’t wait to drink this tea throughout Spring… at least until the new Spring collection comes out I guess.