Guess who’s been writing blog posts… then forgetting to push schedule and/or publish? Yep. This girl. Whoops.

ANYWAY, a lot of my friends are amazed when I tell them about my gym (or really more just workout class) habits. I guess it’s a bit of a shock – when I met most of my friends, I HATED the gym and exercise. The only form of exercise I accepted was walking and swimming, and walking didn’t count because it’s a mode of transportation, not exercise. Nowadays, I go to at least six different classes a week, and I need to remind myself to have a rest day… or force myself to cancel classes and rest because I had forgotten [read: was too lazy] to foam roll or stretch it out. So instead of asking me if I’d like to go to the gym with them, my friends now ask why I go to the gym so often, and how do I stay motivated?

One way I stay motivated is knowing that I really like to eat. So, I work out so I can eat whatever I want (in relative moderation) and not feel guilty about it. When I’m in a spin class, or a barre class, or a Pilates class, I go and dream about that ice cream cone I’m about to eat. When I’m doing a two-a-day, I dream about that Shake Shack mushroom burger I can devour with minimal guilt. So yeah – I’ll happily go work out because I know I’ll treat myself with an extra scoop of ice cream or an extra handful of almonds. Or I’ll take an early weekend spin class and then allow myself to have that extra screwdriver because I worked hard for it that morning.

I also get motivated by my teachers – I go to the ones I know will happily kick my butt. In fact, I schedule my classes based on the teachers I’m going to take. I will happily willingly wake up for a 6:00 A.M. class because that’s the only time I can make my favorite spin instructor’s class. I will get all my work done so I can leave the office by a certain time to make another favorite teacher’s class. Finding instructors and classes that I enjoy make me more motivated to go to the gym – because I actually want to go. If I know the teacher is bad, then I’ll either cancel or just skip the class entirely because I know it’ll be a waste of time and money. I’ve also gone to classes because the instructor is really attractive – it’s easy to be motivated to go to the gym when you have some serious eye-candy to distract you.

Sometimes, I’ll go work out just to show off my new gym outfit. I get really excited about new gym outfits, so I will also happily go to a class with friends just to show it off. Unfortunately, I buy gym outfits faster than I can wear them so this doesn’t happen as often as it should… but now that I’m forcing myself to blog about my fitness journey (and therefore review all of the gear I buy), I’ll go to more classes in my new activewear.

Finally, I go to expensive, pre-booked classes that charge a fee if you become a no-show. I mean, monetary fees are always a good motivation to go to a class. Who wants to be billed an extra $15+ for missing a class you’re already paying $34 for? That’s essentially $50 wasted – something I’d rather not do. So yeah, I will go to my class just so I don’t have to pay a fee.

And there you have it – my tips for staying motivated to work out. Do you have any fun tips that keep you willingly going back to the gym?