About Me

My name is Michelle, and I live in NYC, but I love to travel to other places. I love books, wine, and tea – but I’m not an expert on any subject. I just own a lot of books, wine, and tea.

I have a relatively newfound love for exercise – something my teenage self would never believe nor understand. I often go to spin, barre, pilates and yoga classes. My foam roller is my best friend.

I’m a bit addicted to ice cream. And I tend to ramble a lot.

I’m blogging because it’s a great way for me to rediscover my love for writing. Also, since I have a bit of a shopping problem (read: I have enough tea, wine, books, and activewear to start my own store), I’m forcing myself to blog about every tea I drink and every book I read so I can FINALLY drink and read everything I own.

I guess I’ll see how this blogging thing goes.