Currently Steeping: T2 Tea’s Girlie Grey

I absolutely LOVE Earl Grey – in almost all variations. There's just something about sipping a fantastic cup of Earl Grey with a dash of honey on a somewhat warm day that just makes me extremely content. My all-time favorite Earl Grey variation is Lady Grey, which is a Twinings trademarked variation. Since Twinings took the name "Lady Grey," other companies have created similar variations with different names... which of course made me want to go out and buy them all. So when I passed the SoHo T2 Tea store, I really couldn't help myself from buying their "Girlie Grey" variation.


Currently (Re)Reading: Me Before You

Ever since "Still Me" was released, I was trying to find time to reread the first two books in the "Me Before You" series before starting the newest addition. I was finally in the mood to reread the books after watching the mesmerizing Winter Olympics Ice Dancing routines (and subsequently falling into a Virtue/Moir rabbit hole, but that's a different story). These ice dancing routines seriously gave me all the feels, which caused me to have the need to read books that also gave me all the feels – like the absolutely wonderful tearjerker "Me Before You."

Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea

恭禧發財 + 新年快樂! Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year to everybody, whether you celebrate it or not. I've been busy this week prepping for the holiday, so celebrating it the last two days with my family has been quite lovely. After two days of seeing almost everybody in my extended family and calling everybody and anybody remotely related to us, I finally managed to convince my family to drive out to our relatively remote (as in you need to be able to drive) house in Pennsylvania... and will be hiding out here for the duration of the long weekend. To celebrate finally being able to relax, I've decided to steep a cup of Harney & Sons' Holiday Tea – because it's technically still a holiday weekend, right?

Currently (Re)Reading: The Truth About Forever

"The Truth About Forever" is my go-to book for bad days/weeks/years. It may even possibly be my all-time favorite book. This book and a lovely pot of Lady Grey or Dragon Pearl Jasmine can lift my mood like nothing else. I'm surprised my copy (that I've had since junior high school) is still in relatively good condition when I think about how often I've re-read this novel. Since I've been frazzled this week between prepping for Chinese New Year, dealing with family problems, and freelancing, I took yesterday off (before all the New Year festivities started) to just curl up on my couch, steep a pot of Lady Grey and reread this for the millionth time.

Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine

It's almost Chinese New Year, so I've been extra busy this week prepping for the holiday. I spent all day yesterday and most of today deep cleaning the apartment and will spend tomorrow reorganizing my closet. While I don't mind cleaning, I absolutely detest deep-cleaning my apartment since that involves moving all the furniture to get the dust bunnies under my bed and sofa, dusting then vacuuming then mopping then waxing the hardwood floors, taking apart the kitchen to clean it from top to bottom, etc. So to stay motivated and in a relatively happy mood (because is one ever actually happy when cleaning), I burn some incense, blast some music, and steep some of my favorite green tea.