Currently (Re)Reading: Me Before You

Ever since "Still Me" was released, I was trying to find time to reread the first two books in the "Me Before You" series before starting the newest addition. I was finally in the mood to reread the books after watching the mesmerizing Winter Olympics Ice Dancing routines (and subsequently falling into a Virtue/Moir rabbit hole, but that's a different story). These ice dancing routines seriously gave me all the feels, which caused me to have the need to read books that also gave me all the feels – like the absolutely wonderful tearjerker "Me Before You."


Currently (Re)Reading: The Truth About Forever

"The Truth About Forever" is my go-to book for bad days/weeks/years. It may even possibly be my all-time favorite book. This book and a lovely pot of Lady Grey or Dragon Pearl Jasmine can lift my mood like nothing else. I'm surprised my copy (that I've had since junior high school) is still in relatively good condition when I think about how often I've re-read this novel. Since I've been frazzled this week between prepping for Chinese New Year, dealing with family problems, and freelancing, I took yesterday off (before all the New Year festivities started) to just curl up on my couch, steep a pot of Lady Grey and reread this for the millionth time.

Currently Reading: Rich People Problems

"Rich People Problems" is definitely my favorite book in the "Crazy Rich Asians" trilogy. There was a ton of Astrid & Charlie, a lot more about the family's matriarch (Shang Su Yi), and a lot less of Rachel & Nick. I also found it interesting that secondary and forgotten characters from the first two books had much bigger storylines in this book (see: Kitty Bing, Eddie Cheng, and Oliver T'sien). The storyline in "Rich People Problems" was also much more entertaining – it felt less like a soap opera and more like a real family drama, which was quite nice.

Currently Reading: China Rich Girlfriend

I started "China Rich Girlfriend" after finally finishing "Crazy Rich Asians" over the weekend... and to be honest, I found the sequel a little harder to read than the first. Again, I really wanted to love this series, but something about it just makes me cringe. Maybe it's the fact that I honestly find Rachel and Nick really boring (although I hope Constance Wu gives Rachel some sass in the movie), or the fact that this story read more like an unbelievable clichéd soap opera than a novel. There were some storylines that I felt were just unneeded, no matter how entertaining and tabloid-ish they seemed. Plus, I could've done with much more Astrid and Charlie – maybe there can be a spinoff with just Astrid?