普洱茶/pu’er tea

普洱/Pu’er (or Pu-Erh tea) – straight & flavored

Currently Sipping: DAVIDsTea’s Juicy Orange

I’ve always loved pu’er teas – I just didn’t know it. It’s the default restaurant tea that I get during dim sum – surprise! So when I found out that DAVIDsTEA made a tea that combined two of my favorite flavors – pu’er tea and oranges – I knew I had to try it.

When I went to DAVIDsTEA, I fell in love with the way Juicy Orange smelled, so I got two ounces. I just didn’t realize how much two ounces of this particular tea made – it’s been over a year and I still have a ton of tea left. But thanks to DAVIDsTEA’s awesome packaging, the tea still smells and tastes the same.