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Black tea – straight & flavored

Currently Sipping: Tea… & Other Things’ Rose on a Beach

I meant to post this yesterday, but due to yesterday’s hecticness (and my lack of preparation), it didn’t happen. I either need to drink more tea when I’m home, or I need a kettle and a teapot at my new office. Anyway, a few years ago, I decided to stop drinking coffee… Only I ended up stopping cold turkey. It was not a good look on me, and definitely not my best idea. During my post-coffee haze, I started to go a bit tea crazy. I had always had a healthy appreciation for straight, unflavored teas – growing up in an Asian household tends to create a certain love for tea – but working by DAVIDsTEA introduced me to this new, unexplored world of tea. Soon, I found myself buying all the tea I could find… which is how I’ve found myself in this position of having way more teas than I can drink, which is why I started blogging about my teas!

Anyway, during this post-coffee haze, I discovered that you could buy tea on Etsy! I literally have no recollection of finding Tea… & Other Things’ Etsy shop, but I ended up buying a few teas and then subscribing to their three-month tea subscription. (This subscription seems to no longer be available. Also, the shop’s name seems to have changed to The Tea Hippies.) Needless to say, my tea collection grew quite exponentially during my haze – I blame the sudden lack of high levels of caffeine for my memory loss.


One of the teas I bought from Tea… & Other Things was a Doctor Who themed tea – “Rose on a Beach.” At the time, I had been determined to start watching Doctor Who, and I wanted to drink and wear a ton of Doctor Who themed merchandise while I had a serious marathon. Of course, in true Michelle fashion, I never did have that marathon, but I’m still left with all of my Doctor Who themed tea. And since I have a new appreciation (read: obsession) for rose black tea, I decided to finally open my package of rose black tea this week.



Currently Sipping: Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea

I feel like I have a complicated relationship with tea. We got along great growing up, but then I discovered coffee. However, coffee was not kind to my wallet or my body, so I went back to tea… but not the tea I grew up drinking. No, I discovered what my parents like to call “fake tea” – tea that’s been blended with fruits and flowers and all that jazz. (My parents are tea purists who only drink tea from China, Taiwan or Japan.) In fact, I was so astounded by my discovery of this new type of tea (since I grew up drinking what my parents call “real tea”) that I went a little shopping crazy…. and now I have more than enough tea to probably last me a lifetime (or at least a few years). I just kept (and still do) buying tea before trying the tea I already had… and now my collection has grown to be 200+ teas. (And this doesn’t include my parents’ collection of teas.) So, I’m going to start reviewing all of my teas, in an attempt to stop me from buying more tea and actually finish the teas that I already own. Let’s see how this goes. (I already bought 7 more teas yesterday… Whoops.)

Seven swans a swimming... + some holiday tea.

I’m going to kick this series off with a holiday tea, since it is the holiday season. Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea is a tea I’ve had in my cupboard for a while. I’m honestly not even sure when I got it, but it’s still sealed tight, as in I broke the seal this afternoon to drink my tea. It’s available as loose tea or in satchets – I got the HRP tin of 30 satchets instead of my usual loose tea, mainly because the tin is really pretty. (more…)