Currently Steeping: T2 Tea’s Monk Pear

I absolutely love black tea. I start literally every morning with a cup of hot water, then follow with a cup of breakfast tea with one sugar and a splash of milk. My second cup of tea is usually another cup of black tea (because caffeine, duh), but exactly what tea I drink depends on the day, my mood, and where I am. My choice gets even harder at home since my collection is just there staring at me – so this week I've been drinking T2 Tea's Monk Pear.


Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Irish Breakfast

I've mentioned before that Irish Breakfast is my favorite breakfast tea. Since that particular brand was a gift, I try to use it sparingly... but that meant I had to find a good everyday Irish Breakfast blend. Thankfully, I found a lovely one from Harney & Sons, so whenever I run out I can just make a quick trip to the SoHo shop and restock!

Currently Steeping: Kuan Yin Teas’ Yunnan Gold

I love SipsBy. I subscribed to it because I saw it on various tea Instagram accounts, but I've fallen in love with this subscription. Sure, I haven't tried all the teas yet, but I like that I'm discovering new brands and new blends! It's especially fun when I get straight teas because I get to try them with my parents, who prefer "real tea" like the Kuan Yin Tea's Yunnan Gold I got in the March 2018 box. 

Currently Steeping: Ronnefeldt’s Irish Breakfast

I start every morning with a cup of hot water and a mug of black milk tea – unless I'm extremely tired, then I make a mug of 鴛鴦茶 (Hong Kong coffee milk tea). Anyway, I usually use the first black tea bag I have available to make my 奶茶. I'm not extraordinarily picky about my morning tea – it just has to be able to wake me up. I usually have either PG Tips or Harney & Sons' Irish Breakfast on hand, but my parents recently bought a surplus of the Indian Lipton's Yellow Label tea blend, so I've been using that instead. (At least I'm assuming it's the international Indian blend – there's Sanskrit on the label.) However, when I'm extremely tired and don't feel like making 鴛鴦茶, I break out my trusty Ronnefeldt Irish Breakfast tea for my morning milk tea.

Currently Steeping: Teabook’s Wild Red Black Tea

I first found SipsBy whilst researching tea subscription boxes. I know I shouldn't be buying more tea as I doubt I will barely put a dent in my current collection by the end of the year, but I have a particular weakness for subscriptions and female-owned companies. Plus, I always buy tea from the same places (or just dig through my parents' collections), so it was tempting to sign up for a service that would introduce me to new tea companies. I got my first box in March, and while I haven't actually tried all the teas yet, I've been enjoying the experience. The first tea that caught my eye in my first box was the Teabook Wild Red Black Tea, mainly because my mum calls black tea "red tea" as well.