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Green tea – straight & flavored

Currently Sipping: Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company’s Lychee Green

I occasionally find myself exploring the West Village. It’s one of the parts of the city that I’m still not very familiar with, even though I’ve lived here my entire life. So one day, after meeting a friend for ice cream, I stumbled across the Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company. The minute I saw tea, I knew I was going into the store – never mind the fact that I had just bought some new tea at the neighboring DAVIDsTEA earlier that same day.

The Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company is absolutely adorable, and heaven for those who love spices and tea. It wasn’t very busy, so I got to sniff a few teas and ended up buying a few. One of my favorites from the ones I bought was the Lychee Green tea – a combination of two things from my childhood.

I knew I was going to bring this tea home the minute I smelled it in the store – the lychee scent is so strong and sweet, yet the underlying grassy green tea prevents the tea from smelling cloyingly sweet.



Currently Sipping: Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine

One of the first teas I remember falling in love with was a jasmine tea – one of those in the pretty orange tins that I’m pretty sure all Chinese families drink. I’ve always loved the scent of jasmine, and I love green teas, so when I found Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine available during breakfast during a shoot, I tried it – and fell in love.

So I ended up going to Harney & Sons and getting four ounces of the tea – which is actually a ton since I don’t really need too many pearls per cup and I can resteep the tea quite a few times. This stash will probably last me a good year or so – I’ve already had it for a few months and I still haven’t even made a dent! (more…)