Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Blueberry Matcha

During one of my quarterly-ish tea stash perusals, I found one of my favorite flavored matchas – still unopened in its air-tight sealed bag. Years ago, before matcha became a "thing," DAVIDsTEA had come out with a blueberry matcha – and it was glorious. I had been saving this bag for a special occasion, but I recently found out that the company had brought it back for a limited time... so while I stock up, I allowed myself to finally open this bag. What a happy day.


Currently Steeping: Pique Tea’s Mint Sencha

I'm slowly but surely going through my tea stash... I just need to stop myself from buying new tea. I know, I have a problem. I've been extolling the virtues of my SipsBy subscription, and so far I've only been slightly disappointed by one of my four boxes. I've been a fan of the rest of my boxes, even if I'm not a fan of the tea – like this Pique Tea Mint Sencha from my April 2018 box.

Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Peach Matcha

I thought Spring was all about warmth, T-shirts and iced teas. Instead, I've been confused as to whether I should put away my winter wardrobe or not – is the weather giving anybody else whiplash? So, to celebrate Spring in my nice and warm apartment, I made matcha and ate a bunch of goodies from one of my favorite bakeries.

Currently Steeping: Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company’s Lychee Green

I absolutely detest the transition from winter to spring, especially in New York City. I never know how to dress and the sun always seems to be hiding. Today, for example, is quite warm compared to typical winter weather, but I'm still wearing a sweater coat with my T-shirt. It's also not sunny, so they day feels grey and drab. So on days like today, I like to drink a floral green tea, like the Lychee Green from Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company, and remind myself that spring is on its way. Happy March.

Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine

It's almost Chinese New Year, so I've been extra busy this week prepping for the holiday. I spent all day yesterday and most of today deep cleaning the apartment and will spend tomorrow reorganizing my closet. While I don't mind cleaning, I absolutely detest deep-cleaning my apartment since that involves moving all the furniture to get the dust bunnies under my bed and sofa, dusting then vacuuming then mopping then waxing the hardwood floors, taking apart the kitchen to clean it from top to bottom, etc. So to stay motivated and in a relatively happy mood (because is one ever actually happy when cleaning), I burn some incense, blast some music, and steep some of my favorite green tea.