oolong tea

Oolong tea – straight & flavored

Currently Sipping: TEAVANA’s Jasmine Oolong

Last summer, my parents bought a house in the Pennsylvania suburbs. It’s barely furnished, so I occasionally venture out there with them to help buy furniture and decorate. Since my brother was working in the area last year, he moved into the house – but now that he has a new job in a new city, he’s moved out. Luckily for me, he left his tea stash.

I love jasmine tea and I love oolong tea, so I was really excited to try his stash of Jasmine Oolong from TEAVANA. My brother and I have similar tastes when it comes to straight teas, but very different tastes for flavored teas – so when he says a straight tea is rather good, then I know I’ll like it. (more…)


Currently Sipping: DAVIDsTEA’s Mulled Wine

I grew up drinking a lot of traditional Chinese tea – oolongs, pu’ers, green and black teas. I’ve always loved oolong tea and I absolutely LOVE mulled wine, so I thought I would love this tea when I bought it last year. I loved the way the dry blend smelled in the store – it smelled like Christmas in London, where mulled wine was everywhere, so I got two ounces of it.

Mulled Wine Pouch
I love the way DAVIDsTEA packages their loose teas when you buy them in the store – they’re in foil zip-lock bags lined with plastic on the inside, so the tea can stay fresh for a while. I know a lot of people say to buy tins or jars to store your tea in, but I’m lazy so I keep them their original bags and make sure they’re sealed airtight. I also store all of my teas in this little chest I keep under my desk, so they’re kept away from light, odors and excess air and moisture. So even though my stash of “Mulled Wine” is over a year old, it still smells exactly like when I bought it. (more…)