Fitness Journey

My fitness journey has been more like a venture into wonderland.


Guess who’s been writing blog posts… then forgetting to push schedule and/or publish? Yep. This girl. Whoops.

ANYWAY, a lot of my friends are amazed when I tell them about my gym (or really more just workout class) habits. I guess it’s a bit of a shock – when I met most of my friends, I HATED the gym and exercise. The only form of exercise I accepted was walking and swimming, and walking didn’t count because it’s a mode of transportation, not exercise. Nowadays, I go to at least six different classes a week, and I need to remind myself to have a rest day… or force myself to cancel classes and rest because I had forgotten [read: was too lazy] to foam roll or stretch it out. So instead of asking me if I’d like to go to the gym with them, my friends now ask why I go to the gym so often, and how do I stay motivated? (more…)


Why I Don’t ClassPass

I love to exercise. I also love trying new things. This should mean that I love ClassPass and all those other programs… right?


I’m not on ClassPass or FitReserve or any of those programs. Instead, I happily spend a ton of money on unlimited memberships and class packs at my favorite studios. While I love trying new things, I also know what works for my body. My regular teachers also know what works for my body, so they know when to adjust me. Plus, my membership at Cyc Fitness, the spin studio, means that I get to choose my bike every time – something that you can’t do on ClassPass or FitReserve.

I also like committing to a certain workout schedule and having a routine. I like mixing it up – which is why I go to spin, pilates, barre and yoga – but I also like going to certain teachers at certain hours. Sure, there are classes I have been wanting to try that I could probably do had I signed up for ClassPass, but I would also rather just go to the studio and see if they offer a first class free deal. I know most studios have special offers for first timers – the classes are usually either free or discounted.

I also love being in a community. I like going to Cyc and seeing friends that I’ve made there because we always take the same bikes. I like going to Flex Studios (where I do Pilates) and seeing the same familiar faces and eventually becoming friends. I was told by a teacher a long time ago that it’s harder to get to know their ClassPass students because there’s not the same sense of community – those students may not even come back to the same class.

But I also never say never. Maybe one day when I’m older, I’ll sign up for ClassPass. Until then, I’ll enjoy my workout communities and invest my money in unlimited studio memberships that benefit my physical and mental health. Yes, it’s a bit more costly, but I think there are more perks as well.

What’s your opinion on ClassPass and all of those other discounted class price programs?

My Activewear Addiction

I am so behind on my blog posts. This whole going back to work thing? Seriously killing my free time. This was supposed to be posted Wednesday… but oh well. Real life called and wanted my free time back.

Anyway, I’m honestly not quite sure how my activewear addiction came about. I used to just wear a random baggy tee and old shorts from high school to go to yoga class. Then I discovered yoga pants and started wearing them instead. Then, one day, I was introduced to Fabletics… and my activewear collection exploded. I now have more than enough activewear to last me at least two months without laundering them… and I still keep buying more!


But the old adage is true – cute workout clothes make me want to go and work out. I feel guilty when I’m wearing activewear and I don’t actually go workout – buying and wearing all of my activewear tends to force me to head to an exercise class, even if I’m really not in the mood. I tell myself that wearing my activewear and not using it is a complete waste of money, so I might as well go to sweat. Plus, I’d get to show off my cute workout gear, which is always a perk. This is why I’ll sometimes wear a sports bra instead of a regular bra… plus sports bras are just so much more comfortable.

Anyway, to kick off 2017, I bought two activewear outfits – one from Fabletics and one from POPFLEX Active. I’ve been a Fabletics VIP member since 2014 (when I first started a regular yoga practice), so I guess you can say that I’m a fan. If you haven’t heard of Fabletics yet, it’s an activewear brainchild of Kate Hudson and JustFab. So when you subscribe and become a VIP member, you can buy a new activewear outfit for $49-89, depending on how many pieces your outfit has.

I’ve liked almost everything that I’ve ordered from Fabletics, and the quality is actually really good for the price point. I’m a big fan of their leggings and sweat-wicking tops. I originally liked their bras for low-impact classes, like yoga and Pilates, but Fabletics has been coming out with some seriously supportive and affordable sports bras lately – good news for girls with bigger busts, like me.

Fabletics has also always had very cute crop tops – many of which I own. I’ve just never been confident enough to actually wear a crop top in public… but I’m hoping that changes this year. My goal for 2017 was to feel more confident in my body – confident enough to rock a bikini and a crop top in public. Otherwise, all of my bikinis and crop tops will be laying around my apartment… for a very long time (if not forever).

POPFLEX Active, on the other hand, has been a brand that I’ve been wanting to try forever but never actually took the plunge to try – until now. It was started by Pop Pilates queen Cassey Ho, and the lookbooks always looked really great. I was cautious about trying it originally because whenever I looked for a review online, it would be written by a model-sized or an extremely fit female. I’m not model-sized or extremely fit – I wanted to see a “normal person’s” review, and I couldn’t find one. Also, at the time, they only had VIP pricing and I wasn’t a huge fan of the first collection. Then came the “Mermaid” collection and this new “Dark Bloom” collection… and since it was a new year, I decided to try this new brand.  (more…)

An Intro to My Fitness Journey

So, my fitness journey has always felt more like a tumble into wonderland, mainly because fitness has never been a huge part of my life. I was always one of those girls who complained about being fat in high school, but was never active and always relied on changing my diet. I was always the manager of a sports team – never a competitor. In college, I would barely go to the gym – instead of gaining the dreaded “freshman fifteen,” I gained sixty pounds. By the time I graduated, I was about 200 pounds, totally overweight, and completely in denial about being overweight. I had always hated exercise, so even trying to go to the gym was a struggle.

I had always hated exercise, so even trying to go to the gym was a struggle. My lack of self-confidence didn’t help – especially at the gym, where I would be surrounded by these tiny girls exercising in their tiny sports bras. I didn’t want people looking at me, the fat girl who was attempting to work out.

It wasn’t until months after college that I even started my fitness journey. My friend was doing her yoga teacher training and needed guinea pigs as students – so I became her first student. Then, there was a deal on Groupon for classes at my local yoga studio (Stanton Street Yoga) – so I took both events as a sign that I should start doing yoga. I fell in love with yoga – I became a calmer person, and I started losing weight. I had a semi-regular practice and could finally touch my toes again – I had become happier and I thought I was totally fit again.