Currently Reading: Failing Up

I'm pretty sure everybody fell in love with Leslie Odom, Jr. when Hamilton turned into a worldwide phenomenon. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with him? So when he came out with a book, it automatically went on my "need to read" list.


Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Rosé All Day

I love rosé wine. I love rosé so much that I probably finish at least two bottles a month. By myself. But only in the summer. (Yes, I know I have a slight problem.) Therefore, when DAVIDsTEA introduced a tea called "Rosé All Day" last year, I knew I needed to get it.

Currently Reading: The Stars Beneath Our Feet

Growing up in NYC, there were several neighborhoods you were supposed to avoid – Harlem was one of them. My dad, who used to drive the late night Harlem MTA bus route when I was growing up, used to come home with horror stories of what happened on the bus that night. Needless to say, I didn't step foot in Harlem until a few years ago, when it seemed like all my college friends moved to the neighborhood. Anyway, "The Stars Beneath Our Feet" reminds me of the stories my dad used to tell me about the neighborhood, which is why I really enjoyed reading it.

Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Irish Breakfast

I've mentioned before that Irish Breakfast is my favorite breakfast tea. Since that particular brand was a gift, I try to use it sparingly... but that meant I had to find a good everyday Irish Breakfast blend. Thankfully, I found a lovely one from Harney & Sons, so whenever I run out I can just make a quick trip to the SoHo shop and restock!

Currently Reading: The English Wife

I was so excited to pick up and read "The English Wife," partly because it was a previous Book of the Month Selection, and partly because it was all over #bookstagram. Also, I've been on a bit of a historical fiction kick, and I'm a rather large Anglophile so this was always going to be on my "to read" list. Plus, who wouldn't like a book that was described as a Downton Abbey murder mystery?