Guess who’s been writing blog posts… then forgetting to push schedule and/or publish? Yep. This girl. Whoops.

ANYWAY, a lot of my friends are amazed when I tell them about my gym (or really more just workout class) habits. I guess it’s a bit of a shock – when I met most of my friends, I HATED the gym and exercise. The only form of exercise I accepted was walking and swimming, and walking didn’t count because it’s a mode of transportation, not exercise. Nowadays, I go to at least six different classes a week, and I need to remind myself to have a rest day… or force myself to cancel classes and rest because I had forgotten [read: was too lazy] to foam roll or stretch it out. So instead of asking me if I’d like to go to the gym with them, my friends now ask why I go to the gym so often, and how do I stay motivated? (more…)


Currently Sipping: DAVIDsTEA’s Elderflower Spritz

It’s almost the end of Chinese New Year, which means a totally clean slate for this blog. Or at least, a new set of resolutions. Or just one – to actually stick to a posting schedule. And to post according to that schedule – no matter how late in the day it is. Which is what this post is!

Anyway, at the end of a long day, I love relaxing in my room with a cozy cup of tea and a good book (or Netflix, both work). I love writing this blog because it forces me to finally go through my tea stash – I have so many teas that I had forgotten about all of them… and then I buy new ones! So tonight, when I was rummaging through my tea cabinet, I found an old, still-unopened bag of Elderflower Spritz from DAVIDsTEA’s Spring 2015 collection. But I didn’t just find one…. I found quite a few. I won’t even post a picture of how many I found because it’s slightly embarrassing how many bags of this tea I bought WITHOUT TASTING IT EVER. Yep, that’s right – I’m trying it for the first time tonight.


I’m normally not a huge fan of white teas because they’re a bit too light for me, but I love a good floral tea at night. I also love any drink with elderflower in it, so I’m hoping I’m a huge fan of this tea. Especially with all the bags I found….


Why I Don’t ClassPass

I love to exercise. I also love trying new things. This should mean that I love ClassPass and all those other programs… right?


I’m not on ClassPass or FitReserve or any of those programs. Instead, I happily spend a ton of money on unlimited memberships and class packs at my favorite studios. While I love trying new things, I also know what works for my body. My regular teachers also know what works for my body, so they know when to adjust me. Plus, my membership at Cyc Fitness, the spin studio, means that I get to choose my bike every time – something that you can’t do on ClassPass or FitReserve.

I also like committing to a certain workout schedule and having a routine. I like mixing it up – which is why I go to spin, pilates, barre and yoga – but I also like going to certain teachers at certain hours. Sure, there are classes I have been wanting to try that I could probably do had I signed up for ClassPass, but I would also rather just go to the studio and see if they offer a first class free deal. I know most studios have special offers for first timers – the classes are usually either free or discounted.

I also love being in a community. I like going to Cyc and seeing friends that I’ve made there because we always take the same bikes. I like going to Flex Studios (where I do Pilates) and seeing the same familiar faces and eventually becoming friends. I was told by a teacher a long time ago that it’s harder to get to know their ClassPass students because there’s not the same sense of community – those students may not even come back to the same class.

But I also never say never. Maybe one day when I’m older, I’ll sign up for ClassPass. Until then, I’ll enjoy my workout communities and invest my money in unlimited studio memberships that benefit my physical and mental health. Yes, it’s a bit more costly, but I think there are more perks as well.

What’s your opinion on ClassPass and all of those other discounted class price programs?

Currently Sipping: Twinings’ African Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange

While I adore loose tea, there are days where I’m just really lazy and/or tired and just want to dunk a tea bag into some hot tea and enjoy that. I also adore my British uncle, who tends to bring me boxes of tea whenever he visits. I’m finally finishing up the last few bags from a box he brought over a few years ago. This particular tea is my favorite night time tea, and I only tend to drink it when I’m either exhausted or wanting to treat myself… like last night. (Which is why I passed out before finishing and posting this. I was TIRED.)


Has anybody else noticed that Twinings UK tea just tastes different from Twinings USA? Maybe the ratios differ or something, but the Twinings’ Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas here are WEAK. No wonder I tend to bring a separate luggage just for tea and clothes whenever I hop across the pond. ANYWAY, my favorite night time tea from Twinings UK is from their “A Moment of Calm” collection from oh so long ago – the “African Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange” flavor. It’s just so delicious and calming – especially when I add a spoonful of honey to my mug. I’m probably going to cry when I finally finish these tea bags… especially because I can’t find it on the Twinings UK website! UK friends – DOES THIS STILL EXIST?! HELP.