Currently Reading: Rich People Problems

"Rich People Problems" is definitely my favorite book in the "Crazy Rich Asians" trilogy. There was a ton of Astrid & Charlie, a lot more about the family's matriarch (Shang Su Yi), and a lot less of Rachel & Nick. I also found it interesting that secondary and forgotten characters from the first two books had much bigger storylines in this book (see: Kitty Bing, Eddie Cheng, and Oliver T'sien). The storyline in "Rich People Problems" was also much more entertaining – it felt less like a soap opera and more like a real family drama, which was quite nice.


Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Sweet Tart

So... I've already broken a new year's resolution. I've bought new tea. I know – the whole point of this blog was to review the hundreds of teas I already own. But... when DAVIDsTEA came out with a new limited edition Valentine's Day tea, I couldn't help myself! Plus, it's called Sweet Tart! How could I resist? Honestly, whenever I hear about a "limited edition" collection, I can't help but browse – especially when it's a limited tea or activewear collection. I know – I have a problem.

Currently Reading: China Rich Girlfriend

I started "China Rich Girlfriend" after finally finishing "Crazy Rich Asians" over the weekend... and to be honest, I found the sequel a little harder to read than the first. Again, I really wanted to love this series, but something about it just makes me cringe. Maybe it's the fact that I honestly find Rachel and Nick really boring (although I hope Constance Wu gives Rachel some sass in the movie), or the fact that this story read more like an unbelievable clichéd soap opera than a novel. There were some storylines that I felt were just unneeded, no matter how entertaining and tabloid-ish they seemed. Plus, I could've done with much more Astrid and Charlie – maybe there can be a spinoff with just Astrid?