Currently Steeping: Tea Hippie’s Da Du Gang

So... a few years ago I found out that you could buy tea on Etsy. This was during my crazy tea purchasing era, so I, of course, bought a ton of tea and a 3-month subscription from a little tea shop then-called "Tea... and Other Things." Since the shop is based in Canada, I wouldn't get it for ages... which still doesn't explain why I hadn't tried the teas until rather recently... but I'm trying them now so there's that. I couldn't find the original sample sheets these came from, so I'm just going to base all my information on the labels or what I can find online. So while I think this Da Du Gang is actually a pu'erh, since the label says it's a black tea I'm labeling it as a black tea.


Currently Steeping: The Tea Spot’s Rise & Chai

The weather is finally starting to cool... which means it's also finally hot tea season! I mean, it's always hot tea season in my house, but it's finally hot tea 24/7 season! Plus, it's autumn, so it's chai season. While I do love drinking chai year-round, I especially love it in the autumn. There's just something about the spices and the chilly fall air that makes the experience especially lovely. Which is why I waited until now to try The Tea Spot's Rise & Chai sample from my April SipsBy Box.

Currently Steeping: Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice

Normally, I object when my brother calls me basic. I mean, I don't think I'm basic... but there are moments where I see where he's coming from.  While I don't obsess over pumpkin-everything when autumn rolls around, I have a slight fondness for pumpkin spiced chai – so when I saw Tazo's Pumpkin Spice Chai on a shelf, I grabbed a box to steep at home. I would never buy pumpkin spice to add to my usual stovetop chai mixture since I would never use it for any other reason, so I thought the tea bags would be a relatively viable solution. Plus, by the time I finish this box, I'll be completely over pumpkin-flavored anything – I'm usually more of an apple-anything girl.

Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Pom Tango

This weekend, I ended up reorganizing my tea stash since I opted for a staycation, and I find a thorough reorganization rather relaxing. Since I was reorganizing, I decided to make an updated excel chart... and I officially have more than 200 unopened bags of tea so I really need to continue shopping from my collection rather than going out and buying new teas (even when I'm extremely tempted). So, after thoroughly browsing my newly organized collection, I decided to make a ton of cold brews to begin drinking what I own – starting with DAVIDsTEA's Pom Tango.

Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Organic Nepal Black

Since I'm trying to save money for a big trip this Thanksgiving, I've decided to attempt to stop buying more teas and unnecessary items and instead, try to drink/read/use what I own. So, as stated in my last tea post, I've been shopping from my stash and doing the #drinkwhatyouown challenge. Next up – an unopened Organic Nepal Black sample from a DAVIDsTEA's Advent Calendars I received many years ago.