Harney & Sons

Currently Sipping: Harney & Sons’ Winter White Earl Grey

Everybody knows that I love tea. I especially love Earl Grey tea – my new favorite tea latte is the London Fog. My absolute favorite version of Earl Grey is Twinings’ Lady Grey, but since I’m out and won’t get more until I trek off to the UK (because I’ve tried the Twinings of USA version and it is not the same), I’ve been trying different variations from different tea shops. I found Harney & Sons’ Winter White Earl Grey sometime last winter and loved it, so I’m drinking it until I can stock up on my usual Lady Grey.


Winter White Earl Grey is also a perfect cup of tea for a lazy day at home. There’s something about any version of Earl Grey that’s just so comforting – maybe it’s the bergamot? Not quite sure what the magic factor is, but I’m glad I always have some version of Earl Grey stocked in my cupboard. (more…)


Currently Sipping: Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine

One of the first teas I remember falling in love with was a jasmine tea – one of those in the pretty orange tins that I’m pretty sure all Chinese families drink. I’ve always loved the scent of jasmine, and I love green teas, so when I found Harney & Sons’ Dragon Pearl Jasmine available during breakfast during a shoot, I tried it – and fell in love.

So I ended up going to Harney & Sons and getting four ounces of the tea – which is actually a ton since I don’t really need too many pearls per cup and I can resteep the tea quite a few times. This stash will probably last me a good year or so – I’ve already had it for a few months and I still haven’t even made a dent! (more…)

Currently Sipping: Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea

I feel like I have a complicated relationship with tea. We got along great growing up, but then I discovered coffee. However, coffee was not kind to my wallet or my body, so I went back to tea… but not the tea I grew up drinking. No, I discovered what my parents like to call “fake tea” – tea that’s been blended with fruits and flowers and all that jazz. (My parents are tea purists who only drink tea from China, Taiwan or Japan.) In fact, I was so astounded by my discovery of this new type of tea (since I grew up drinking what my parents call “real tea”) that I went a little shopping crazy…. and now I have more than enough tea to probably last me a lifetime (or at least a few years). I just kept (and still do) buying tea before trying the tea I already had… and now my collection has grown to be 200+ teas. (And this doesn’t include my parents’ collection of teas.) So, I’m going to start reviewing all of my teas, in an attempt to stop me from buying more tea and actually finish the teas that I already own. Let’s see how this goes. (I already bought 7 more teas yesterday… Whoops.)

Seven swans a swimming... + some holiday tea.

I’m going to kick this series off with a holiday tea, since it is the holiday season. Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea is a tea I’ve had in my cupboard for a while. I’m honestly not even sure when I got it, but it’s still sealed tight, as in I broke the seal this afternoon to drink my tea. It’s available as loose tea or in satchets – I got the HRP tin of 30 satchets instead of my usual loose tea, mainly because the tin is really pretty. (more…)