Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea

恭禧發財 + 新年快樂! Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year to everybody, whether you celebrate it or not. I've been busy this week prepping for the holiday, so celebrating it the last two days with my family has been quite lovely. After two days of seeing almost everybody in my extended family and calling everybody and anybody remotely related to us, I finally managed to convince my family to drive out to our relatively remote (as in you need to be able to drive) house in Pennsylvania... and will be hiding out here for the duration of the long weekend. To celebrate finally being able to relax, I've decided to steep a cup of Harney & Sons' Holiday Tea – because it's technically still a holiday weekend, right?


Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Mulled Wine

I grew up drinking a lot of traditional Chinese tea – oolongs, pu'ers, green and black teas. I've always loved oolong tea and I absolutely LOVE mulled wine, so I thought I would love this tea when I bought it a few years back. Plus, I adored the way the blend reminded me of Christmas in London - my favorite holiday in one of my favorite cities.