Currently Steeping: T2 Tea’s Monk Pear

I absolutely love black tea. I start literally every morning with a cup of hot water, then follow with a cup of breakfast tea with one sugar and a splash of milk. My second cup of tea is usually another cup of black tea (because caffeine, duh), but exactly what tea I drink depends on the day, my mood, and where I am. My choice gets even harder at home since my collection is just there staring at me – so this week I've been drinking T2 Tea's Monk Pear.


Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Hard Candy

Whilst reorganizing my tea collection last week, I rediscovered some forgotten tea, which is always quite a treat. It's honestly like shopping in a giant tea shop! My collection is mainly from DAVIDsTEA because when I first quit coffee, it was the closest tea shop to the office... and it helped me rediscover my love for tea. Plus, the options are rather fun! So one tea I rediscovered and decided to cold steep immediately was Hard Candy from the Summer 2015 collection, mainly because I remembered it being rather sweet and refreshing – perfect for this ridiculously hot week.

Currently Steeping: DAVIDsTEA’s Blueberry Matcha

During one of my quarterly-ish tea stash perusals, I found one of my favorite flavored matchas – still unopened in its air-tight sealed bag. Years ago, before matcha became a "thing," DAVIDsTEA had come out with a blueberry matcha – and it was glorious. I had been saving this bag for a special occasion, but I recently found out that the company had brought it back for a limited time... so while I stock up, I allowed myself to finally open this bag. What a happy day.

Currently Steeping: Harney & Sons’ Irish Breakfast

I've mentioned before that Irish Breakfast is my favorite breakfast tea. Since that particular brand was a gift, I try to use it sparingly... but that meant I had to find a good everyday Irish Breakfast blend. Thankfully, I found a lovely one from Harney & Sons, so whenever I run out I can just make a quick trip to the SoHo shop and restock!