Currently Sipping: Twinings’ African Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange

While I adore loose tea, there are days where I’m just really lazy and/or tired and just want to dunk a tea bag into some hot tea and enjoy that. I also adore my British uncle, who tends to bring me boxes of tea whenever he visits. I’m finally finishing up the last few bags from a box he brought over a few years ago. This particular tea is my favorite night time tea, and I only tend to drink it when I’m either exhausted or wanting to treat myself… like last night. (Which is why I passed out before finishing and posting this. I was TIRED.)


Has anybody else noticed that Twinings UK tea just tastes different from Twinings USA? Maybe the ratios differ or something, but the Twinings’ Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas here are WEAK. No wonder I tend to bring a separate luggage just for tea and clothes whenever I hop across the pond. ANYWAY, my favorite night time tea from Twinings UK is from their “A Moment of Calm” collection from oh so long ago – the “African Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange” flavor. It’s just so delicious and calming – especially when I add a spoonful of honey to my mug. I’m probably going to cry when I finally finish these tea bags… especially because I can’t find it on the Twinings UK website! UK friends – DOES THIS STILL EXIST?! HELP.