Winter White Earl Grey

Currently Sipping: Harney & Sons’ Winter White Earl Grey

Everybody knows that I love tea. I especially love Earl Grey tea – my new favorite tea latte is the London Fog. My absolute favorite version of Earl Grey is Twinings’ Lady Grey, but since I’m out and won’t get more until I trek off to the UK (because I’ve tried the Twinings of USA version and it is not the same), I’ve been trying different variations from different tea shops. I found Harney & Sons’ Winter White Earl Grey sometime last winter and loved it, so I’m drinking it until I can stock up on my usual Lady Grey.


Winter White Earl Grey is also a perfect cup of tea for a lazy day at home. There’s something about any version of Earl Grey that’s just so comforting – maybe it’s the bergamot? Not quite sure what the magic factor is, but I’m glad I always have some version of Earl Grey stocked in my cupboard. (more…)